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CEO & Founder, Derrick "D" Hayes

As a West Philadelphia native, I know the value of hard work. My vision for my restaurant, Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks, began in 2014 as I aimed to merge my passion for food and business.  What started as a small restaurant in a gas station in Dunwoody, Georgia, has since blossomed into two thriving locations (Downtown Atlanta and Doraville), as well as multiple locations in the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

The philosophy of my business is rooted in quality food and exceptional customer service. I take pride in teaching my employees the importance of loyalty and dedication because I built this business from the ground up. I credit my inspiration and motivation to succeed in the namesake of the Big Dave’s establishment: my late father, David Hayes, to whom I promised I would start a business of my own before his passing. Galvanizing the efforts of my staff and my community, I am convinced that the story Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks is writing will leave an incredible legacy for my family. ​

I am immensely thankful for anyone who’s believed in me along my journey and am grateful for those who have patronized my business and became faithful fans of my food. Your allegiance does not go unnoticed; you are a member of the Big Dave’s family. 

Derrick Hayes, CEO of Big Dave's Cheesesteaks

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